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New and Improved Combo Sessions – March 4th and March 5th

A Combo Session Like No Other Are you always looking for new opportunities for relaxation…

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New Studio | Suzanne Schaper Massage

Join Me at My New Massage Studio in Lenexa

I am so excited to announce that my massage business is moving to a new…

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Is Donating Blood Good for Your Health?

With January being National Blood Donor Month, you will probably see several requests for blood…

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Why You Should Try Vacuum Cupping Therapy

Have you ever wondered if you should try vacuum cupping therapy? Most of us have…

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How Long of a Massage Should You Get?

This is one of the most common questions I get from new massage clients. There…

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What does it feel like to have COVID-19?

I consider myself lucky to have not contracted COVID-19 and have wondered many times what…

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Massage Therapy amid COVID-19 – Is It Safe?

Wow! Our lives have changed a lot recently and now we get to navigate a…

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3 Fun Ways to Boost Your Immune System

So here we are in the midst of a pandemic like our generation has never…

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Why You Should Hire a Local Business for Your Corporate Chair Massage Event

Save the Little Shop Around the Corner and save your soul. Yes, that's a You've…

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Social Awareness

Fight Human Trafficking at the Do Good, Feel Good Event on Nov. 9th

Every two minutes, a child is exploited by human trafficking. Let that sink in for…

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Go with Your Gut: Fermented Foods and the Secret to a Happy Tummy

Find out how fermentation can help you have a healthier gut!
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Healing Veterans & Fighting the Opioid Crisis with Massage

George Orwell once wrote, ?In the face of pain, there are no heroes.? When I…

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CBD Oil: What Is It? And Is It Worth the Hype?

What exactly is CBD oil? Is it really as good as everyone is saying? Let's take a look.
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Postpartum Self-Care: Why All New Moms Need It & How Massage Can Help

How massage can help new moms with postpartum depression and more self-care tips
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I Tried Cryotherapy for My Achy Muscles – Here?s What Happened

Find out what happened when I tried cyrotherapy for muscle tension
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Plantar Fasciitis: Holistic Options for Pain Relief

Suffering from plantar fasciitis? These holistic pain relief options might be right for you!
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The Benefits of Daily Stretching

Daily stretching positively benefits the mind and body in more ways than you would think.
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Deep Tissue Neck Massage: What to Expect

Deep tissue neck massage is an effective way to relieve neck tension and pain. Here is what to expect when you receive this type of massage.
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Self-Care and Overall Wellness: A Look Back at 2018

Let's take a look back at how the 2018 self-care boom positively impacts overall health and wellness
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Schedule Your End of Year Chair Massage Event in Kansas City

Show your employees that you appreciate all of their hard work with a relaxing, end of the year chair massage event.
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AMTA Conference: Migraines and Tension Headaches

I recently went to the AMTA Conference in Washington D.C. I wanted to share with you what I learned regarding the differences between tension headaches and migraines and how massage can help relieve pain from these ailments.
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How to Go From Angry to Happy

Anger is unavoidable for most of us. It is an emotion that some deal with better than others. Luckily, there are a few healthy ways to help manage anger and calm the mind.
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Anti-Aging Benefits of the Facelift Massage

When most people consider getting a massage, they usually think of having bodywork done on their neck, shoulders, and back, but it is just as important to pay facial muscles the same attention with a facelift massage.
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Massage for Work-Related Stress Relief

I believe that in our fast-paced world it is important to take time to de-stress. A great way to bring massage into the office is with corporate chair massage.
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Music, Mood, and Massage Therapy

I feel that the connection between mind and body is a huge part of why massage therapy is so effective. I want the music I choose to play for my clients to add to their healing.
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How Can Massage Therapy Benefit Seniors?

In my experience working with seniors, I have been able to see the direct benefits that massage therapy has on their mental and physical well being.
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Bodywork and Massage from Around the World

Massage Therapy and bodywork have been around for thousands of years and originate from places all over the world.
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Why You Should Consider A Biomeridian Test

What is a Biomeridian Test? Biomeridian testing (also called Electro-Dermal Testing) measures the electrical resistance…

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Chronic Inflammation & Digestive Issues: The Gut/Brain Connection

If it seems likes almost everyone has some sort of digestive problem these days, you…

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Does Massage Work?

For decades, the majority of people have considered massage a luxury, a relaxing experience reserved…

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Take Control of Your Breast Health in 2018

Breast health. The subject matter is a bit taboo. Nonetheless, I feel that it is…

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Help Others Heal | Suzanne Schaper

Help Others Heal This Holiday Season

Schedule a massage session the week of December 9 and I will donate 10% from each session to Rapha House, a non-profit organization that rescues children from human trafficking.
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Duo Stretching Class - Sept. 27, 2017 - Lenexa Healing Arts Center

Join Me for a Duo Stretch Class on Sept. 27

Do you want to improve your range of motion, increase your flexibility, and just feel…

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Post-Summer Face Health

Post-Summer Face Health: 6 Ways to Get Glowing Without Surgery

During the the month of September, I?m offering a FACE LIFT MASSAGE PACKAGE ($280) to…

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Disability Massage: What You Should Know

Disability and Massage: What You Should Know

From time to time I'll have a new client reach out to me and express…

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What I Learned After Eating Salads for 30 Days

Eating healthy can be difficult, so when life gets crazy our diets and wellness are…

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Butt Massage - Dead Butt Syndrome

Butt Massage…Really? Treating Dead Butt Syndrome

Think about a normal day in your life. You wake up, drive to work, sit…

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Kansas City Corporate Chair Massage

Kansas City Corporate Chair Massage: 4 Things You Need to Know (Get a Free Gift Thru July 31!)

Companies all over Kansas City love hiring food trucks and mobile coffee bars as special…

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Why Does Massage Feel So Good?

Why Does Massage Feel So Good?

"Why does a massage feel so good?" My clients ask me this all the time…

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Spring Rejuvenation Special - Suzanne Schaper Massage

Spring Rejuvenation Special

Your hands and feet are perhaps the most unappreciated parts of your body. They make…

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Ditch the Meds: Why Yoga and Massage Will Help Your Back Pain

Forget the Meds: Why Yoga & Massage Will Help Your Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common complaints that I get before giving a…

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What to Expect at Your First massage Session

Your First Massage Ever: What to Expect

According to a 2015 survey, only around 18% of adults receive at least one massage…

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How to Take Care of Your Feet This Winter

How to Take Care of Your Feet This Winter

We are officially in the throes of winter! In true Midwest fashion, our winter weather…

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Medication-Free Ways to Combat Chronic Pain

3 Medication-Free Ways to Combat Chronic Pain

Chronic pain. It comes in many forms: back pain, arthritis, improperly healed injuries, nerve damage.…

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New Studio | Suzanne Schaper Massage

Join Me at My New Studio Starting Oct. 1

I am so excited to announce that my massage business is moving to a new…

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How I'm Different from Massage Heights

How I’m Different From Massage Heights

If you go around town, you?ll notice that there are many massage chains in the…

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Massage has taught me many important things.

The 3 Biggest Things I’ve Learned Through Massage

It is hard to believe, but I have been a licensed massage therapist for 10…

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