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Massage Increases Flexibility

Improve flexibility with massage therapy!It is important to improve and maintain your flexibility and mobility in order to avoid injuries throughout your life. Massage does just that–regular massages increase the circulation in your body, leading to increased blood flow to muscles and their connective tissues. Massages before and after an athletic event are common as well, to help alleviate the waste products including lactic acid from the muscles. Many athletes, for example, will perform self-massage to a particular muscle before stretching it.

A regular massage schedule will help you remain flexible and enhance athletic performance by increasing blood flow to muscles and connective tissue.

How Does Massage Help?

One reason our flexibility and mobility lessen as we age is the loss of lubrication between the connective tissue fibers. Massage therapy helps with this by increasing blood and lymph flow throughout the body. This is why massage becomes more necessary as we get older: you need to keep your blood and lymph flowing in order to maintain your mobility and heal more quickly from injury.

3 Big Benefits of Increased Flexibility

  1. Increases activity
  2. Enhances athletic performance
  3. Helps prevent injuries

Relaxing with Massage

Are you ready to see for yourself how a regular massage schedule will not only help your muscles recuperate but also increase your flexibility? Contact Suzanne today to schedule your next session!

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