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Massage Promotes Restful Sleep

Massage promotes restful sleep.During sleep, your body is healing itself. A sleep disorder can seriously affect your quality of life, whether you have sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy, or insomnia. Poor quality sleep can decrease energy and mental alertness, as well as contribute to long-term health problems. Many people report that they have much deeper and more restful sleep after receiving a massage.

Maintaining a regular massage session schedule will promote deeper and more restful sleep, aiding your body in its daily healing efforts.

In fact, a study was conducted to evaluate how massage therapy affects the sleep behavior of infants born with a low birth weight. The researchers concluded that there are several potential benefits for low body weight infants in receiving neonatal massage. These benefits included improving quality of sleep, facilitating sleep patterns, reducing breathing disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea, and increasing daytime alertness.

3 Big Benefits of Restful Sleep

You need more restful sleep, namely because it:

  1. Increases energy
  2. Supports healthy weight
  3. Increases mental alertness

We all wish we could sleep more. Sometimes lack of sleep goes beyond not going to bed at an appropriate time. Massage therapy can help!

Scheduling Your Appointment

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