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Overland Park Face Lift Massage

A face lift massage will give you an uplifted look without surgery.

Face lift massage is a revolutionary new technique that will give your face a noticeable “lift” without having to go under the knife. This type of massage is completely natural and safe, no oils or lotions are used.

How Does Face Lift Massage Work?

With gentle, precise stretching and holding the small muscles in the face for a prolonged period of time, the facial muscles begin to strengthen and tighten. Specially-designed massage moves combine with acupressure to gently move out the old lymph, improve blood circulation and bring fresh lymph into the facial area to provide a fresh, glowing look that lasts for days! A series of these massages help tone and tighten skin and visibly reduce wrinkles, sagging skin, crow’s feet and laugh lines. And, it feels great!

3 Big Benefits of Face Lift Massage

  1. Tightened skin
  2. Improved circulation
  3. Reduced wrinkles and sagging

What Does Face Lift Massage Help With?

Face Lift Massage Helps with…Sinus Congestion

Whether you experience sinus congestion on a regular basis or just when allergy season hits, a Face Lift Massage will encourage your sinuses to drain and to clear up congestion. The strokes of the massage work the blood and lymph to the sides of your face, helping the fluid drain. Since Face Lift Massage involves light to medium pressure, rather than any firm pressure, it is never uncomfortable. Currently experiencing a sinus infection? Please wait until that has cleared before getting a Face Lift Massage.

Face Lift Massage Helps with…Tension Headaches

Although tension headaches are mostly felt at the back, sides and top of the head, massaging the face can help alleviate some of that pressure and pain most commonly associated with headaches. If your headaches are a chronic issue, getting a Face Lift Massage between occurrences can help reduce the intensity and frequency of those headaches.

Your Face Lift Massage session will focus on the top of the head and the temples, along with the entire face. Your jaw, which may experience tension from clenching during a headache, will also be massaged.

If you have trouble with tension headaches, consider booking a Face Lift Massage and adding some extra time for additional neck and shoulder work. Loosening up those muscles at the same time will enhance the benefits.

Face Lift Massage Helps with…Eye Tension & Crow’s Feet

We probably all experience some eye tension these days thanks to the screens we look at all day everyday. Face Lift Massage alleviates this tension by gently soothing the muscles and tissues around the eyes.

Eye strain can also cause us to squint, which can add to crow’s feet and worry lines, the wrinkles that show up around our eyes. By relaxing the eye muscles, which are contracting with this kind of activity, Face Lift Massage delivers much-needed blood flow to these areas, thereby improving the appearance of wrinkles.

Face Lift Massage Helps with…Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s Palsy is a condition in which one side of the face has temporary paralysis due to damage to the facial nerves. Although most people recover from this condition, the recovery time can vary greatly. Face Lift Massage can help the nerves recover faster by offering good circulation and relieving tension in the tissue. Both blood and lymph is moved during the massage, refreshing your skin and giving you an overall glow.

Scheduling Your Appointment

Suzanne Schaper is the only massage therapist in Overland Park who specializes in face lift massage. She has studied extensively under the pioneers of the treatment and is excited to bring this amazing treatment to her Kansas City-area clients. If you want a noticeable difference in your skin, schedule your appointment today!

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