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Overland Park Face Lift MassageA face lift massage will give you an uplifted look without surgery.

Face lift massage is a revolutionary new technique that will give your face a noticeable “lift” without having to go under the knife. This type of massage is completely natural and safe – not even oils or lotions are used!

Face Lift Massage Technique

So how does this massage work? With gentle, precise stretching and holding the small muscles in the face for a prolonged period of time, the facial muscles begin to strengthen and tighten. Specially-designed massage moves combine with acupressure to gently move out the old lymph, improve blood circulation and bring fresh lymph into the facial area to provide a fresh, glowing look that lasts for days! A series of these massages help tone and tighten skin and visibly reduce wrinkles, sagging skin, crow’s feet and laugh lines. And it feels great!

3 Big Benefits of Face Lift Massage

  1. Tightened skin
  2. Improved circulation
  3. Reduced wrinkles and sagging

Scheduling Your Appointment

Suzanne Schaper is the only massage therapist in Overland Park who specializes in face lift massage. She has studied extensively under the pioneers of the treatment and is excited to bring this amazing treatment to her Kansas City-area clients. If you want a noticeable difference in your skin, schedule your appointment today!


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