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Massage Reduces Muscle Tension

Massage relieves muscle tension.Muscle tension is a common problem for the average adult. Some of the things that can lead to muscle tension include poor posture, physically demanding jobs, repetitive motion, and stress. We often find ourselves seeking out ways to relieve that tension in the long and short term.

Treating Muscle Tension with Massage

Among the many benefits of massage, the most notable benefit is its ability to alleviate pain and soreness in the muscles.

A massage can relieve muscle tension by working out areas where the muscle is contracted or sore, thereby improving your quality of life.

Massage therapy uses hands or specialized tools to rhythmically knead, rub, and stroke muscles, increasing circulation. The increased blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients and helps muscles eliminate waste products such as lactic acid. This creates overall relaxation and a reduction in muscle tension.

3 Big Benefits of Reduced Muscle Tension

You’ll notice a remarkable difference in your body when your tension is gone. Namely, you’ll see an improvement in:

  1. Reduced stress and anxiety
  2. Improved overall relaxation
  3. Decreased chance of injury

Scheduling Your Appointment

When it comes to relieving even the most stubborn of aches and pains in the muscles, no one in Kansas City comes close to the expertise, knowledge and care for her patients than Suzanne Schaper. Banish your pain and improve your quality of life by scheduling your next session today!

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