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Massage Reduces Pain

Banish pain with massage.Studies have shown that massage therapy helps reduce pain by releasing endorphins, which override the pain signals to the brain. This can be explained by the gate theory, which suggests that the pressure stimuli from massage reaches the brain faster than pain stimuli. In a way, massage tricks your brain into ignoring pain signals.

Take Action with Massage Therapy

You shouldn’t have to suffer. Massage therapy is a highly effective, non-invasive way to free your body from the constant torment you might be experiencing.

A regular massage schedule should be a part of your pain management strategy.

Encouraging restorative sleep is another way that massage can relieve what ails you. During deep sleep, we release somatostatin, a chemical associated with pain reduction. In contrast, sleep deprivation causes the release of Substance P, a chemical related to increased pain. This explains how massage not only helps reduce pain immediately, but also aids in chronic pain management.

3 Big Benefits of Pain Reduction

You’ll benefit greatly by undergoing massage therapy. You’ll notice:

  1. Decreased anxiety and depression
  2. Increased activity and strength
  3. Decreased use of medication

Scheduling Your Appointment

Suzanne Schaper’s holistic treatment will treat your mind as well as your body without the use of medication. After just one session, you’ll leave her peaceful studio feeling calm, relaxed and virtually pain-free. Manage your ailments today and schedule your next session!



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