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3 Therapeutic Reasons to Try Acupuncture


Trying new things isn’t always easy, especially when it’s a little different or considered “alternative”. Acupuncture, for example, is considered a form of alternative medicine. While many people are wary of trying acupuncture (Needles? No way!), an abundance of health benefits and evidence supports its practice.

It is normal to have a few concerns about any new service, especially one that involves needles. I had concerns myself, but acupuncture took my health to the next level and is now something I appreciate and recommend. These are the top three reasons why you should try acupuncture.

#1. It’s an Ancient Practice

What is acupuncture? For those of you who don’t know, acupuncture is the practice of inserting thin needles into strategic points on the surface of the skin. Acupuncture predates recorded history but was first documented in China in 100 BC. People have been utilizing acupuncture for centuries, and it seems they were on to something! Now, evidence from modern medicine supports the health benefits that acupuncture provides.

#2. Modern Acupuncture Blends Science & Spirituality

The practice of acupuncture is divided into two camps: Eastern medicine and Western medicine. Eastern medicine, specifically ancient Chinese medicine, focuses on energy and chi. They use acupuncture to balance these “forces” by inserting the needles into meridian points that house the energy. Western medicine places the needles in the same location as Eastern medicine but focuses on the more scientific, biological side. The meridians are in the same place as nerves. By targeting these nerves, practitioners can get amazing results.

#3. The Health and Wellness Benefits Can’t Be Ignored

Acupuncture targets the nerves, muscles and connective tissues in your body. The Mayo Clinic states that acupuncture stimulates these areas to reduce pain, ease discomfort, and increase blood flow. Here are just a few of the many issues that acupuncture can help treat:

Case-controlled clinical studies from the UC San Diego Center for Integrative Medicine prove that acupuncture is also an effective treatment for many other maladies and health issues such as colic, allergies, Rheumatoid arthritis, and even depression.

I personally have seen my health improve after trying acupuncture. Massage therapy is a full-body workout for any massage therapist and my body tends to wear down after a week of giving massages. I’ll complement my own massage session with a trip to the acupuncturist every month and have seen instant relief from my aches and pains.

First Time Tips

If it is your first time trying acupuncture or if you’re just considering it, take proper action the first time around with these 5 top tips.

  1. Talk to your doctor to and see if they would recommend it for your condition.
  2. Find a trusted and recommend professional to perform your acupuncture treatment.
  3. Avoid caffeine and heavy meals before your session.
  4. Have your practitioner walk through your treatment with you step by step before you begin.
  5. Breathe, relax, and enjoy!

Still Worried? Don’t Be.

Even with all the health benefits you may still have some concerns. It’s good to be cautious, but with acupuncture there is very little to worry about.. The needles are so thin that I sometimes don’t even feel them. When performed correctly, acupuncture is quite safe, but you may experience some soreness afterward. It is recommended not to try acupuncture if you have a bleeding disorder, a pacemaker, or are pregnant. All of these risks can be eliminated by taking the time to carefully select a certified and respected professional.

Try acupuncture and experience the wonderful effects for yourself!

Suzanne Schaper is a Board Certified Massage Therapist serving Lenexa and Overland Park, KS. She loves sharing her knowledge for health and wellness with her customers. "A life free of pain and disease is a more full life." Suzanne enjoys assisting her customers in their pursuit of health and happiness.

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