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Massage Enhances the Immune System

Boost your immune system.It is important to keep your immune system functioning well, especially during times of high stress or cold and flu season. Massage therapy helps support your body’s fight against sickness and disease by lowering stress and improving restful sleep.

By maintaining a regular massage session schedule, you are enhancing your body’s ability to fight disease.

Many chronic diseases are stress-oriented, and if massage therapy can lower stress, then it can directly impact and improve both the immune system and overall health.

3 Big Benefits of an Enhanced Immune System

Research has shown that massage boosts the immune system by increasing the number of your disease-fighting white blood cells. One study found that these white blood cells dramatically increased after massage in both HIV-positive and HIV-negative men. Anxiety levels also decreased significantly among the participants. Additionally, you’ll see more benefits, including:

  1. Increases disease-fighting blood cells
  2. Enhances mental focus
  3. Increases energy

Another study into the effects of massage on academic stress included female medical students facing academic exams. The participants reported significantly less anxiety after massage, and tests revealed a marked increase in white blood cells.

Scheduling Your Appointment

Ready to boost your immunity? Take action against disease and sickness by contacting Suzanne Schaper today to schedule your next massage session!


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