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Massage at the Piper

Treating the whole Person:
Body, Mind & Soul

Treating The Effects of aging with Massage

Aging can be debilitating on both your physical and emotional health. If you?re suffering from chronic pain, lack of mobility, arthritis, poor sleep, poor circulation or depression, then massage therapy can provide relief from symptoms you might be experiencing while providing the emotional health benefits of therapeutic touch.

Plus, Suzanne brings the massage to you! No need to worry about getting to and from your appointment. Suzanne offers sessions directly at The Piper for your convenience.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Seniors

BulletInjury recovery & prevention

BulletDecreased blood pressure

BulletIncreased circulation

BulletChronic pain relief

BulletImproved sleep

Bullet?and increased happiness!

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$35 for 30 minutes
$70 for 60 minutes

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