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Chair Massage Program

The chair massage program is a great way to reward your employees.

Reward your employees with a special session from our relaxing chair massage program.

Suzanne Schaper has designed a chair massage program with your business in mind. In order to make the process of scheduling chair massages for your staff efficient, we have a program outlined below.

Step 1: Schedule Your Appointment

Scheduling your appointment is a breeze. We just need to know the number of people who will be receiving chair massages and the length of sessions you would like.

Step 2: Sign Up Participants

Download our Chair Massage Sign-Up sheet and have your staff members sign up for their session times.

Step 3: Inform

Download our Chair Massage Info sheet and distribute to your staff members so they will know what to expect during their chair massage.

Step 4: Set-Up & Session

We will arrive a few minutes early on the scheduled day to set-up our chairs and music. A quiet and dark area is best to set the tone for the relaxing and stress-relieving chair massages. We will bring an invoice with us the day of the event and will conveniently accept a check or credit card for payment.

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