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Chair Massage FAQ

How long does a chair massage last?

A chair massage session can be whatever length works best for you and your staff or guests. We recommend at least 15 minutes for each session so the therapist has time to address all areas of stress. Longer sessions are even more beneficial and relaxing.

What should I wear for a chair massage?

Chair massage is designed to service corporate clients?who are?fully clothed. We may ask that a client remove a suit coat or jewelry so that we can more easily access the back and the neck areas, but the massage techniques we use are designed to work through clothing.

Can I ask the therapist to focus on a particular area?

Yes! We encourage clients to tell us about particular areas of pain or stress they would like addressed. We also ask that each client tell us of any areas they would like us to avoid due to injuries or recent surgeries. The massage session is personalized to each client’s needs.

What if I do not want my hair touched?

No problem! If you prefer that the therapist not touch your head or your hair, just inform her before the session. We understand that you are at work and want to look your best.

What if I prefer a more energizing session instead of a relaxing one?

Your chair massage should give you the results you want. The therapist can give a completely relaxing session, a more rejuvenating and energizing session, or a combination of both. Just let the therapist know before your session begins and she will create the perfect chair massage for you.

Is it tue that I need to drink water before and after my chair massage?

Yes, it is important to drink water before and after your massage session. Drinking water in general is a good idea, as proper hydration is important for a healthy body. Drinking water before your session improves the effectiveness of the massage by hydrating your muscles, while drinking water after the session helps flush out any waste materials released from your tissues by the massage.




What if I need to schedule chair massages for a very large group?

We have a team of therapists and can accommodate any size group.



Does chair massage hurt?

Chair massage should not hurt. We ask each client what amount of pressure they prefer before the session begins and encourage each client to speak up if the massage is painful or uncomfortable.



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